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Why matching your diet goals are safer online?

5th May 2020
George Taylor

A busy life can often mean leaving your diet goals behind despite your best intentions – Planning meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking takes time that many of us do not have. It may seem that you have to choose between a busy active life and a healthy diet but with the Lions Prep, meeting your diet goals is made simple. You can order food online in the UK in-line with your dietary goals which are delivered straight to your doorstep by DPD.

Choose your plan

You can choose your own combination of meals from our delicious proteins, carbs and veg options to suit your particular goals, with the reassurance that all necessary food groups are covered, or simply let our nutritionist develop a tailored meal plan picked just for you and your goals.

You can create a meal plan to meet your own diet goals, for example, to gain muscle, lose weight or simply eat a healthy nutritionally balanced diet. You can choose from over 500 meal combinations, all of which are freshly prepared from high-quality ingredients by professional chefs. The plan is fully flexible and can be paused at any time.

Fresh cooked meals

Your meals are cooked to order and delivered to you fresh, not frozen. You will always get the freshest food available, ensuring that you get maximum taste and maximum nutrition from the highest quality ingredients. There is no shopping, cooking or cleaning up required.

Why is matching your diet goals safer online?

Not staying on top of what you eat dramatically affects your wellbeing and performance levels. After all, you are what you eat. It is tempting after a busy day to reach for a takeaway or a ready meal but these are rarely healthy options. The Lions Prep helps you to meet your diet goals by offering fresh, nutritionally balanced and healthy gourmet meals which take the stress out of planning your diet, shopping and cooking for yourself.

Each meal is individually packaged and ready to reheat with full instructions, making looking after your diet as easy and convenient as it could possibly be. You have all the convenience of a ready meal but with the comfort of knowing that your meal is healthy and balanced. If life does occasionally get in the way or you want to buy in bulk, all our meals can be frozen.

Delivered to your door

Your meals are delivered directly to your doorstep via DPD, packaged in temperature-controlled packaging to keep them cool all day. Deliveries can be made up to twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. You can automate delivery which makes getting healthy, great-tasting food every day completely stress-free.

With our plans you will feel the benefits of eating fresh, healthy, nutritionally balanced food, leaving you with more energy and feeling great.

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