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How Important is the Market for Online Fresh Food Delivery Today?

14th June 2020
George Taylor

Eating in is the new eating out

Almost all of us have grabbed a takeout or ordered home delivery at one point or another, be it pizza, fish and chips or Chinese. However, over the past 15 years, with the proliferation of smartphones, a move towards online shopping and the development of dedicated food delivery apps, the range of options is now far greater.

As more and more of us are eschewing the hassle of dining out for the convenience of dining in, this shift in habits is transforming the restaurant sector in noticeable ways. For example, new players are entering the market in the form of ‘dark kitchens’ (which cook only for delivery, with no sit down service), and ‘virtual brands’ (usually introduced by existing physical restaurants as a new revenue stream to capitalise on the home delivery market).

These forces are causing brick-and-mortar restaurants which may have been successful and popular in the past to rethink their business models and diversify out of traditional sit-down table service – or face going bust.

Choosing quality without sacrificing convenience

The Lions Prep is an online fresh food delivery service that delivers gourmet meals straight to your door. As with any other online food delivery services, our team of chefs take the stress out of planning and cooking by preparing meals that can be tailored to your specific goals of gaining muscle, losing weight or simply eating healthy. With almost 600 meal plans to pick from, as well as guidance from nutritionists, our clients can create meal plans that suit their unique tastes and dietary requirements.

By choosing The Lions Prep, you are choosing meals that are cooked to order and delivered to you fresh, not frozen, so you’ll always get the freshest food available for maximum taste and nutrition. And, unlike other online delivery companies, we will have your healthy meal plans delivered to your door by DPD, a professional courier company, with a choice of weekly or twice weekly deliveries.

Looking to the future

It is undeniable that the demand for online food delivery will continue to grow. Frost & Sullivan, a research and consultancy firm, estimated that in 2018 the online food delivery industry generated $82 billion in gross revenue, and that by 2025, this figure is expected to more than double.

However, as the sector continues to expand, it will need to overcome a growing number of obstacles, such as predatory pricing and manipulation of the value chain by restaurants to stay afloat. In addition, as the reach of online delivery companies grows (sometimes at the expense of restaurants), legislators will need to consider whether to regulate for the sector by, for instance, setting caps on the margins paid for the service by restaurants, as advocated by interest groups in the US and Canada.

Ultimately, however, online fresh food delivery is here to stay.

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