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How to try a Mediterranean diet – Our September Menu

7th September 2020
George Taylor

If you want to try a Mediterranean diet while still having healthy and nutritious food The Lions Prep has you covered. We have talked before about how to implement a healthy eating strategy and The Lions Prep makes it easy to keep to a healthy nutritious diet because we change our menu every four weeks!

Whether you missed your Mediterranean holiday this year or your just missing the Spanish beach we have the menu to take you back there!

The Lions Prep have jumped into September with our Flavours of the Med menu. We are giving you all of the flavours of a Mediterranean diet with dishes from Spain, Italy and Greece.

Take a look at our new dishes coming to the menu this month:

Flavours of the Mediterranean – Italian Dishes

Italian Menu Items

The Lions Prep have scoured Italy for the best Italian flavours for you to try. Our Italian Herb Lamb Cutlets pack all those fresh flavours that make us think of the Italian countryside.

We have put a healthy spin on the traditional Ragu with our Turkey Ragu. Our Ragu has all those multi dimensional flavours of a traditional Ragu just with lean turkey mince!

We have mixed up our Steak this menu with something new! The Beef Sirloin with Caponata Sauce is full of Italian flavours – olives, tomatoes and capers. Giving our steak a really punchy Mediterranean sauce to accompany the beef flavour.

Plus not forgetting those of you with a sweet tooth we have our Sicilian Lemon Pot with Amaretto and Pistachio Crumb. Perfectly balanced with a sour yet sweet lemon, its a perfect snack for a sweet pick me up.

Flavours of the Mediterranean – Greek Dishes

Greek Style Beef Meatballs, Grilled Chicken Thighs with Tzatziki, Raw Walnut Power Bites

When the team at The Lions Prep think of Greek dishes we think of grilled meats with aromatic herbs. We have adapted the traditional Greek kofta into our Greek Style Beef Meatballs. Succulent beef with oregano and mint, these meatballs transport your taste buds to those sunny Greek islands.

Thinking of Greece you cannot forget the famous Greek dish Tzatziki! Our Grilled Chicken Thighs with Tzatziki just ooze (or Ouzo!) Greek flavour.

You cannot take a trip through Greece without seeing miles of orchards. Our Raw Walnut Power Bites give the essence of Greece on a super nutritious bite!

Flavours of the Mediterranean – Spanish Dishes

Tiger Prawns Chilli & Garlic, Spanish Paprika Chicken with Romesco Sauce

You cannot think of the Mediterranean without thinking of Spain. We have taken the flavours of tapas for our Tiger Prawns with Garlic & Chilli. The taste of the south of Spain in one amazing dish popping with fragrant Chilli & Garlic.

Romesco is a famous sauce from Catalonia made from roasted tomatoes, nuts and garlic. So we have paired it with our Spanish Paprika Chicken with Romesco Sauce. Because paprika is such a typical Spanish spice it just reminds us of long days in the sun nibbling on our favourite tapas dishes!

How to get your hands on our delicious Mediterranean food

All our meals are cooked fresh and delivered straight to your door, taking the hassle and stress out of keeping on top of a healthy nutritious diet. We also have non-Mediterranean dishes on our menu, check them out on our menu page.

The first delivery of our new menu will drop to your doors Sunday 13th September, so order by 10pm Thursday to make sure you do not miss out!

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