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What Is the Shape of the Online Market Today?

15th January 2020
George Taylor

Many of us lead a busy life where demands on our time mean we need to cut corners, and one area people do this is to skip meals or eat on the go. However, the health implications of this can lead not only to illness but also affect our well-being and performance levels.

Consumer Demands

Fortunately, consumers are beginning to recognise the affect a poor diet can have, and this is influencing change. For example, there has been a huge increase in the number of consumers wishing to go vegetarian or vegan or simply cut down on certain foods. This is both for ethical reasons and for health benefits. This is especially true at this time of year, after the over-indulgence of Christmas, when the desire to lose excess weight and feel better about ourselves is at the forefront of people’s minds.

The ability to have fresh food delivered directly to the door has offered consumers the opportunity to eat healthier and also experiment with a wider variety of dishes. For example, having fresh fish delivered prepared and ready to eat ensures consumers get their protein with delicious dishes such as Thai Style Monkfish.


Vegetables are no longer the bland and tasteless food option that many associate with school dinners. Today’s variety of vegetable dishes is enough to temp any carnivore. Rich, meaty chestnut mushrooms cooked with herbs make a delicious side dish or can be eaten on their own as a light meal. Some winter vegetables, such as parsnips, are only served once a year with Christmas dinner, but this unique-tasting vegetable can add something special to any family meal. Even broccoli has a lot more to it when cooked with imagination. Simply boiling it in a pan can make it tasteless and soggy due to its ability to retain water, but charred broccoli is an entirely different dish altogether. Succulent green vegetables can look appetising on any plate, and side dishes such as sesame mangetout, sautéed kale and baby spinach go well with many other foods and can be delivered prepared and ready to cook.


Breakfast is for many the best meal of the day, and brunch has become a favourite amongst friends meeting up at the weekend. Online fresh food delivery offers alternative and exotic ways to start the day, including coconut and chia pudding, turkey bacon, lemon and vanilla pancakes or bircher muesli. These easy-to-prepare favourites can’t fail to impress and make a nice change from cereal or toast.

Often carbohydrates are associated with guilt, especially when it comes to the British favourite – chips. By experimenting with different flavoured rice, flavoursome noodles and alternative potatoes dishes such as sweet potatoes, consumers can mix up their carb intake.

Soup is seen as a wholesome hearty snack and can provide nutrients and vitamins all in one delicious-tasting dish. Treats such as beetroot brownies are a pleasant surprise along with carrot and date power balls and protein pancakes, delivered ready to serve.

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