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Are diet meals the new trend in the UK?

15th May 2020
George Taylor

Here at The Lions Prep, offering 588 healthy meal combinations, we are keeping pace with customers’ ambitions to get (and stay) in shape. We design delicious, nutritionally balanced plans that enable you to either lose weight eat a balanced diet or gain muscle.

Online choices

Others are catering to this need too. Dietbon claims long-lasting weight loss success, with 95 per cent satisfaction among customers losing more than 2lbs. The Dietbon plan supplies nutritious, healthy meals with dietician advice tailored to customer needs. Customers have the option to personalise meals and receive a balance of carbohydrates, fatty acids and protein.

The Mindful Chef offers meals which are entirely dairy and gluten free, with 16 new healthy recipes each week. The goal is to avoid sugar and refined carbs, in favour of fresh vegetables. Tempting menus include sticky tamarind and ginger tofu with mangetout, and sesame chicken, egg and spinach rice. Chicken is free range, fish is landed in the UK, and vegetables are cultivated naturally.

For over 85 meals and snacks in chef-prepared food from breakfast to dinner, there is Diet Chef. There’s no need to worry about calorie counting: Diet Chef does that for you. You can choose from a Core Plan, Vegetarian Plan or Premium Plan (for four, eight or 12 weeks) and will receive your food the next working day. Flexible options are available if you don’t want to eat with Diet Chef every day.

Diet Now bases weight loss around three meal replacement packs. Shakes, soups, protein bars and meal replacements are ready in seconds for your convenience. Protein and fibre keep customers nourished as they lose weight.

Capitalising on an association with doctor and broadcaster Sarah Jarvis, Jane Plan creates bespoke diet plans using carefully sourced ingredients. There are different weight loss plans for shedding one, two or three-plus stone, and you can have weekends off. Over 75 meals are available.

Fresh Fitness Food supplies options based on Lean Gains, Fat Loss, Enhance Energy and Build Muscle programmes. Food is aligned to clients’ personal goals: customers receive a bespoke training guide, and meal plans are nutritionist-designed. The company uses local ingredients where possible; beef is grass-fed and eggs are free range. A nutritionist regularly checks in to ensure that progress is being made.

Our diet specialities

At The Lions Prep, we are fully in tune with customer requests for diet meals online. Our tempting meal combinations are delivered straight to your doorstep via DPD up to twice a week. The more active you are, the more we put in your plan. Meals are fresh, not frozen and our nutritionist will deliver a bespoke meal plan which fits your specifications. Why not take the plunge to shed the pounds and improve your health with us? You will have more energy and look and feel great!

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