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How to implement a Healthy Eating Strategy?

8th June 2020
George Taylor

We understand you are busy. And when people are busy, our priorities change. Choosing what you eat is probably at the bottom of a very long to-do list. But, eating healthily is vital for all us. It keeps our bodies and minds fit and strong. It boosts our mood and means that we function at our best day in day out. It is also important for weight-loss.

At The Lions Prep, we have formulated a stress-free way of ensuring that you and your family eat delicious, nutritious food without it becoming a mammoth task.

How does it work?

We prepare over 500 healthy meal combinations for you to choose from. You choose what you would like. We deliver direct to your door.

Will it be fresh food?

All our food is made to order. None of it is frozen so you can rest assured you will always be getting the freshest food delivered.

How can you guarantee the food is healthy?

When you choose to order with us, you will be asked a series of questions based on gender, weight goals and protein preferences. Once you have worked through these steps, we will provide you with a diet plan specially created based on your individual needs.
Don’t worry if there is something you don’t like. Our plans are flexible, and you can swap out individual items or even whole meals if you wish.

If you prefer more choice over what you eat, you can opt for a bespoke plan where you can choose your own menu combinations. This allows you to put together your own meals, item by item.

Which food groups are on offer?

Our menu choices are varied. You can select from all the food groups you need to ensure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. There is a choice of proteins that range from steak to fish. Our healthy carbohydrate range includes wholegrain pasta and rice and sweet potatoes.

Our vegetables are prepared to ensure that no meal is dull. From herb roasted cherry tomatoes to caramelised carrots, we know that you will enjoy every single meal.

Do you just provide evening meals?

We also provide healthy breakfasts and snacks to make sure you stick to your healthy eating strategy. No longer do healthy breakfasts have to be boring. There is a choice for everyone, including healthy pancakes and a nutritionally balanced full English with chicken sausages.

When you go to the menu, each item is labelled with its nutritional facts so you can make informed decisions about the food you eat. With all this choice, it couldn’t be easier to implement a healthy eating strategy. We do the research, source and prepare the food and deliver straight to you.

We understand that people want to feel happier and healthier, and that is why we provide healthy meal plans delivered to your door.

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