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The future of online hygienic meal delivery

30th May 2020
George Taylor

With people having to stay home, pubs and restaurants closed for the foreseeable future and long queues at supermarkets, there has been a huge interest in online prepared food delivery services. But, as with everything, consumers are quite rightly concerned with hygiene standards and need the reassurance that online food preparation companies are following the correct guidelines.

As more and more businesses switch to delivering online food, it can start to become harder to select your preferred company.

Here at The Lion’s Prep, we are committed to providing fresh, nutritional food prepared in the most hygienic of conditions. These priorities mean you will be thrilled with the quality of the food that you order. In fact, we are so confident in our menu that we will replace any meal that doesn’t meet expectations free of charge.

Hygiene essentials

When preparing food for our customers, we always use the 4 Cs: Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and avoiding Cross-Contamination.


Food areas and utensils are cleaned after every task, especially after preparing raw food. We use detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers to ensure everything is spotlessly clean.


All our food is prepared safely following government guidelines. When it arrives with you, there are clear heating instructions on the box.


Chilling food properly is essential, especially as most of our meal plans are made to be re-heated. All our meals can be kept refrigerated for up to three days. Our food can also be safely frozen. We recommend that you freeze your meals when they arrive with you if you are not going to eat them within the recommended 3 days.


We keep raw food and prepared food separately. We have different equipment for different types of food. We wash our hands and food preparation areas regularly. All these things prevent cross-contamination.

Delivering Safely to You

As with all online prepared food delivery services, we have measures in place to ensure the food we deliver is delicious and safe to eat. Our food needs refrigerating so is kept cool during delivery. We pack our meals securely to avoid any cross-contamination.
All our drivers work to strict social distancing measures. They will leave your food on the doorstep and let you know that is has arrived. They will always stay 2 metres away from you so you can collect your food safely.

Pay Online

Food delivery services are the easiest way to eat healthy, nutritious food. Online payments mean everything is contactless, and our high standards should give you peace of mind that we take hygiene extremely seriously.

Our menus are varied, and we select the finest produce to guarantee quality. Using our subscription service means you don’t have to worry about meals for the coming week. All the stress of meal planning is removed, and you can rest assured that the food delivered will not only be delicious but also safely prepared.

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