Convenient, fresh,
and delivered
straight to your door.

Chef prepared meals | Ready in 3 minutes
20% off your first 2 weeks

The next step to convenience

Fully customisable meals
with a range of
breakfasts and snacks

All packaging recycled or re-used to
help save the planet

Delivered twice a week to ensure
maximum freshness

No prepping, no cleaning,
no wastage. Meals ready
in 3 minutes

No commitments,
no contract, cancel anytime

Red Tractor assured meat and poultry,
RSPCA approved fish. 100% fresh

Get 20% off your first 2 weeks

Inside your Lions Prep Box

Highest quality meat and
fish, certified halal. 100%
fresh fruit and veg.

Easy step-by-step

Recycled denim
insulation to keep
meals cool

Recycled or reusable
packaging to help save
the planet.

Tailored meal plans, flexible subscription, cancel at anytime.

Get 20% off your first 2 weeks

Declan Rudd

“Lions Prep ingredients and freshness stand out from the rest”

Declan Rudd - Preston North End FC

Simon Pegg

“Using Lion's Prep in the lead up to shooting a movie. Sign up and selection is super easy and the food is varied and delicious.”

Simon Pegg - Hollywood Film Star

Elena Ora

“I never have time to cook, but even if I did it wouldn't be this good! Thank you.”

Elena Ora - Artist Manager

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are unhappy with any of your meals for any reason please let us know and we will replace them free of charge!

Get 20% off your first 2 weeks

Delicious meals that are fully customisable to your taste

New menu every 4 weeks