Commitment to Sustainability.

Lions Prep are committed to making the planet a healthier,happier place. See below how we are making sustainable choices to deliver your meals.

Save the planet. Return & reuse.

Our flagship sustainability project enables you to return your insulation, food lids and ice packs so we can reuse or recycle them for future deliveries.

Depending on your location, you can either have your delivery courier pick up your previous delivery or you can drop your box off at your local Collect+ location.

By encouraging our customers to use our return and re-use scheme Lions Prep aim to reduce our use of insulation and ice packs by 50% per customer.

step 1

Pop at least 2 deliveries worth of insulation back in your box.

step 2

Throw your ice packs and plastic food lids in there too.


Be kinder to the planet! Send us 4 deliveries worth of insulation, plastic food lids and ice packs instead of 2.

step 3

Tape the box closed, then follow the instructions on our leaflet to return the box to us so we can safely recycle or reuse the materials.


Get 30% Off 1st week + 15% Off next 2 weeks!

Inside your Lions Prep box

Insulation Sleeves

All of our insulations sleeves are made from recycled denim.

We have wrapped our insulation in a durable material which can be returned to us to be disinfected and re-used.

Once the insulation sleeve has reached the end of its life we will recycle all of the material for use in other products.

pp plastics

PP Plastics

PP plastics are in our lids and sauce pots.

You should just throw them in your box and return to us for Lions Prep to recycle.

Alternatively, these plastics are widely recyclable at most local authorities.

Pulp based meal boxes

Our meal boxes are made using pulp based material that is free of harmful plastics.

Because they are made from natural materials, they are easily compostable.

Either throw them straight in the trash or you could throw them on your compost heap!

Lions Prep meal
Lions Prep snack bag

Snack bags

Our snack bags are made from a plant based material.

They decompose naturally instead of sticking around for 100's of years!

Making your snacks kind to the planet, fresh and handy on the go.


All our leaflets are printed using FSC certified paper.

FSC certified paper is produced in a way that does not harm any of the worlds forests.

So you can just pop them into your usual regular recycling.