Commitment to Sustainability.

Lions Prep are committed to making the planet a healthier,happier place. See below how we are making sustainable choices to deliver your meals.

Inside your Lions Prep box

Insulation Sleeves

These keep your meals cool during delivery and are 100% compostable. You can put them in your home compost bin or kerbside compost bin (if your local council accepts them).

PP Plastics

PP plastics are in our lids and sauce pots.

These plastics are widely recyclable at most local authorities.

Pulp based meal boxes

Our meal boxes are made using pulp based material that is free of harmful plastics.

Because they are made from natural materials, they are easily compostable.

Either throw them straight in the trash or you could throw them on your compost heap!

Snack bags

Our snack bags are made from a plant based material.

They decompose naturally instead of sticking around for 100’s of years!

Making your snacks kind to the planet, fresh and handy on the go.

Over 1,000,000 meals delivered nationwide and loved by our customers.

We’re the number #1 ranked meal prep brand for a reason. 100% fresh, healthy and tasty meals, ready in 3 minutes, delivered straight to your door.

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