Our meal plans

Lions Prep meal plans are completely customisable so you can choose your plan from week to week to meet your goals.

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Enjoy our delicious, ever changing menu, filled with flavours from all around the world. Our plans are customisable based on your goals so you can choose between a low-carb or balanced diet and choose whether your main protein to be meat, fish, vegan or a mixture of all three.

Low carb meal plan

3/5/6 day low-carb meal plans

Choose between 2-4 meals per day with a mixture of breakfast, snack and low-carb meals.

Vegan meal plan

3/5/6 day vegan meal plans

Select your meals across mains, snacks and breakfasts with a menu that changes weekly.

Balanced diet meal plan

3/5/6 day plans.

Choose between a meat, fish, vegan menu or a mixture of all three. Our menu changes weekly.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Lions Prep meal plans are customisable so you can build your own weekly plan to enjoy. We also offer high protein, low calorie, vegetarian, and healthy meal plans. Simply answer our questions on diet, allergies and protein preference and you can then choose meals, snacks and breakfasts from our weekly changing menu.

Our commitment to sustainability

You may have noticed that we’ve swapped the recyclable denim insulation and bubble wrap inside your delivery box, to a paper-based, compostable solution.

Not only is this better for the planet, but it keeps your meals cooler too!

Over 1,000,000 meals delivered nationwide and loved by our customers.

We’re the number #1 ranked meal prep brand for a reason.

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