Remarkable Weight Loss Journey: Losing 30kg Thanks to Lions Prep​

by Laura Forsyth | 30th March, 2024 | Nutrition

How following a Lions Prep meal plan helped Mark lose the equivalent of 3 microwaves & gain some serious muscle. 

Mark Warren had always known he wanted to make a change in his health and fitness, but he never quite knew where to start. He had tried various diets and workout routines, but nothing seemed to stick. That was until he discovered Lions Prep.

Mark had a lot of goals. He wanted to lose weight, get fitter, feel healthier, become more organised and saved time. He also craved more variety in his diet. So in October, he decided to start ordering Lions Prep. 

30kg weight loss, more focus & less brain fog​

Mark says:

Before becoming a Lions Prep customer, I suffered from low energy and poor body composition due to a poor diet. But since I started ordering from Lions Prep, I have experienced a complete turnaround.

“I now feel great, with more energy and am in a much better physical condition. I also feel more organised, knowing that my meals are delivered to keep myself on track.”

An incredible transformation

The biggest difference that Mark noticed since becoming a Lions Prep customer was his weight loss of 30kg. He looks and feels like a new person, with more focus and less brain fog. His new body has also fueled his exercise and productivity, allowing him to achieve even more.

Mark says:

“Lions Prep meal plans have been a game-changer for me in my health and fitness journey. The macro and calorie-counted meals have allowed me to stay on track with my goals while still enjoying delicious, varied meals.”

The power of meal plans

Mark’s incredible transformation with Lions Prep meal plans proves that achieving health and fitness goals is within reach. With the right mindset and support, any goal is possible. Give Lions Prep meal plans a try today, choose from a variety of options like Balanced Diet, Low Carb, Vegan, and Halal, and see what you can achieve!

What’s on Mark’s menu?

Mark enjoys a 5-day balanced plan. He has 2 meals per day, plus a snack. Here’s a typical day of eating for Mark:

Nutritional Info Satay Chicken with Fried Rice Turkey Chilli Con Carne with Mexican Rice Korean Gochujang Chicken Wings (Snack) Total
Calories 595 522 549 1666
Protein 57g 37g 32g 126g
Carbs 45g 53g 32g 130g
Fat 20g 16g 31g 67g