Get 100% cashback for your orders this December.

Earn £1 credit for every £1 you spend on Lions Prep deliveries in December. Saving you up to £8 every week in 2024.

We know it’s not always easy eating healthily. So we want to reward you for your efforts this year. Earn double the cashback on deliveries for the 17th and 20th of December. 🎁

How do you earn cashback?

Once you’ve signed up or if you’re already a customer, the credits will accumulate in your account automatically from what you’ve spent on deliveries in the month of December 2023. This would not count any amount discounted from vouchers or credits.

How would the cashback be applied in 2024?

The credits will be applied automatically. Applicable to all existing, and returning customers, we’ll be applying the credit you earned in December 2023 directly to your account starting from the first payment date of 4th January 2024. Each delivery will receive an automatic discount of £4 (up to £8 per week), which can be redeemed up to December 31st 2024.

December Cashback cannot be applied in conjunction with any other discount. All other credit and free snacks earned in the rewards club won’t affect December cashback being applied though.

What if I cancel my deliveries?

If you pause or cancel your deliveries, you won’t lose your December cashback credit, it will remain on your account if you decide to reactivate.

T&Cs apply. We reserve the right to make changes or withdraw this offer.

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